Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Winding up the D-Spinners

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VS Concord

Despite a previous loss in the tunnels underneath Xilos, the Algoryn High Command determined it was an essential operation and once again sent detachment FC-G12 down to look for relics.

Once again, they came up against Concord troops loaded to bear with plasma carbines and drones.

This time, the outcome was different. The Algoryn commander was successful at breaking through the relic caverns first, and so he had the opportunity to set the line of battle. He pushed his AI Infantry up first to weather the enemy’s front line with mag rounds before the powerful Assault squads landed the haymaker with d-spinners.

While the Concord fought valiantly, it was a complete loss for their commander – and many captured Concord troops to be taken to HQ for trade or ransom.

I have really started liking the Algoryn assault squads as a way to differentiate from the other forces. The d-spinner is a mighty powerful weapon in close combat and really shows where the Concord fall down. As the Concord are my chief opponents, I like seeing the look on their face when I get into close combat.

I still haven’t found a reliable solution to packs of light plasma support drones. They’re really hard to fight against. I suppose I will just have to focus them for pins.


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