Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Bested by Algoryn technology and grit beneath the tunnels

View Linked Report - Click Here Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Algoryn

Algoryn and Concord forces pushed through the caverns, creating tunnels to the east and west. Algoryn breached the main objective locations first, digging in. Our forces breached first on to the east, with 2 PLS drones for support. Unit leader Shayna and 2 strike squads followed on to the west.

The west tunnel held their breach strategically until some chaos was created in other zones to distract the enemy. Our technology was challenging in such a tight close quarters. Squad leaders with X-slings lead the way, along with a plasma lance.

One squad rushed in on the east tunnel, and suffered heavy losses. The drones laid down fire as punishment, and Algoryn went into waiting. The drones had to push in, or just sit ineffective – but as they did, they were finally taken out in such difficult terrain.

The squad taking point on the west tunnel failed to heed the order to push forward. This caused squad leader Shanya’s unit to bound and leap over them to get to the objective, desperate. They suffered some ambush shooting, and a final charge from an Algoryn D-spinner unit. They were wiped out. The last squad managed to pull the squad leader to safety, and suffered casualties themselves while retreating. In the end, we were completely routed from the tunnels. We need to rethink our technology and tactics in such close quarters!


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