Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Reinforce the Position)

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VS Ghar Empire

Commander Draegor was upset. His force had been tasked with dropping onto Xilos to disable one of the Ghar generator stations preventing the main Landing. As he approached the waiting Drop Capsules, a sub-officer came up to him and handed Draegor a set of new orders. Their target had been changed. He was now supposed to send part of his force to re-inforce an allied position located out in the middle of nowhere… just some rock outcroppings and a few small ruined buildings. Probably some kind of forward listening post, he thought to himself. The Concord were closer, and it was their position, so why did he have to relieve them. Additionally, They had to land a couple klicks away and march…MARCH…to this position.

Something was definitely wrong. The coordinates matched, but the area was deserted…no comm traffic, no equipment, not even any bodies…no one had ever been here. A sound caught his attention, Battlesuits…Ghar were nearby. Sure enough, Ghar, mounted and dismounted, moved from out behind the rock outcroppings, blocking the Algoryns’ advance. More movement on the left flank, as one of the Ghar’s command crawlers came out of concealment and opened fire upon them. Dismounted Ghar tried to advance around them on their right flank as well. They were trapped…some one had sent them to be slaughtered. Whether by intent or not…he was going to find out… but first, they would have to survive.

Brutal…anywhere from 36 to 48 Scourer Cannon shots incoming a turn…the medics were overwhelmed by the wounded, until they too, fell.

Ghar Empire

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