Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Resistance is not futile ...

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Ghar Empire
VS Algoryn

… the sand soaked, as the legs of the heavy battlesuit touch the ground. The sound of clanking joints, flickering plasma coils and moaning armour plates hung in the air. An unintimate sandstorm raged in this area and Fomor 09-35-6, Commander of the Ghar Scouting force three, continues his march in this harsh and dusty environment. His own battle squad was accompanied by four other battle suits, forming an assault squad with their devastating and well known Gouger Guns.
The Commander was ordered to secure this sector from any enemy forces, which he assumed to be there. The display of Fomors battlesuit flashs up, as the first pictures from a small, but well equipped Algoryn force, were transmitted from a near by Flitter probe. He saw some AI squads with drones and a support team with a plasmacannon.
One moment later the two Ghar squads came under heavy fire, the algoryan forces discovered them already!
Commander Fomor was angry about these circumstances, the advantage of a surprise attack was lost for him.
He intuitively issued an order to the assault squad, which began to advance on their right flank and hopefully get into melee combat with one of the Algoryn squads. His battlesuit shakes, as a hit from the algoryan plasma cannon ripped one of is squad members apart. This one don’t have to worry about, to become an Outcast anymore, if Fomor would loose this confrontation with this enemy. The commander smiled and loaded the Scourer Cannon for a concentrated shot, to answer the shelling of his archenemy. The Algoryn were lucky, because of the sandstorm and the extreme range, the shot don’t find any target. The sound of some explosions on the right Ghar flank caught his attention; the assault squad got under indirect fire from some Algoryn Micro X-Launchers. A grenade hit the unreliable and dangerous plasma reactor of one of the Ghar armoured fighting machines and a big ball of imploding energy sealed the fate of a suit and his driver. The plasma generators of the other battlesuits remained stable, so that the Ghar can continue their advance and take cover behind an obstruction near by. The time passed by and none of the shooting attempts from the Algoryn could penetrate the battlesuits; the thickness of the Ghar armour pays off. Commander Fomor knows, the real enemy within this fight weren’t the Algoryn itself, but the ongoing sandstorm instead, which prevent a measurable progress for his forces. Their Scourer Cannons only hit two Algoryn troopers, who were unlucky and be seen through the dusty clouds. He decided to order a tactical retreat to the Ghar squads. He don’t want to accept anymore losses and come back for another attack, when the storm subsides.
Commander Fomor turned his battlesuit around and smiled again, knowing once more – resistance is not futile, especially if its about the Ghar and their effective technology …


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  • Karyle says:

    Cursed Fomor! Cool report, dude!

  • Fomorian says:

    @ JanSee
    Haha thanks for the compliments and yeah it was my intention to focus on a narrative style, for my batrep as an answer to your one.
    I don’t know when Commander Fomor will come back, or if he is drafted to another planet or maybe Gharon itself, to deliver a statement to High Commander Karg himself, for his decision, for a “tactical retreat”. I think there could be a possible chance, to see him “outcasted” and becoming a Ghar Rebel Commander instead 😉 …

  • Hey Yella says:

    You will get them next time Ghar!

  • JanSee says:

    Sehr schön, es ist cool die Geschichte aus einer anderen Perspektive zu lesen, sehr cool, dass du dich darauf so schön eingelassen hast. Wird Fomor jetzt eigentlich ausgestoßen? Oder betritt ein neuer Protagonist die Bühne von Xilos?

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Familiar pictures, familiar battle, different results. The next confrontation is awaited.