Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Concord rescue prisoners of war, crush the Algoryn, and wrangle a gulper

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VS Algoryn

Concord forces built up a battle-worthy force to assault the slave pits and rescue our POWs. Intelligence was aware of a few groups of troopers held in the pits, as well as some stolen weapons. We scouted the field to find some embanked Algoryn with six pits of captives.

The advance on the pits was not a surprise, the Concord rolled forward with their combat drone at the spear tip. First shots rang out from the compression cannon, thundering the plasma support team that was a large threat to it. Small strike squads, pared down for mobility, advanced in teams of two to close on objective zones.

An Algoryn infiltrator squad was way up stealthed around a middle of the field slave pit, ready to react. This proved to be a troublesome unit for our forces, as they simply lie in wait like a predator. We were unable to use our range advantage to compete.

A drone manipulated the first doors with a laser cutter. Next up, strike squads landed on the south eastern doors. The plasma charges blew the door, and then it was slammed away by a gulper! Algoryn and C3 forces winced as they waited to see who the beast would charge at. Sure, there are enemy combatants across the field from you, but most would rather catch a mag slug instead of a bite from a gulper. The two strike squads sprinted up the east flank, some even abandoning equipment.

The gulper thundered below the earth, scared off by a plasma cannon shot from a medium drone. Boring up from under the rocks, it slammed into an assault squad. They did not have time to spin up their D-spinners to a proper configuration, and were gobbled up. The rampage of the beast was stopped when it next burst into strike squad. Luckily ready with full-auto rapid fire, point blank shooting was able to fell the creature. Quite a badge of honor for some strike troopers.

As the mission continued, a second wave of Algoryn rushed up the board. An assault was launched on the combat drone, and it found itself in trouble! Distracted and unable to receive any more orders, it had to reboot to do some repair diagnostics. Luckily some back field troops were able to launch a counter assault. Algoryn interceptor squads screamed up the field, deploying a mag cannon from a compactor drone. After they saw the enemy advancing on their position, in a flash they were back in the saddle of the hovering vehicles and contesting one of the slave pits. As Concord advaced to the middle north objective, we triggered a solar charge mine. Suffering a terrible loss of manpower, the unit scattered to safety. The north west pit was defended by a dug in large squad of AI troopers protected by a rock formation. This was a great threat. It was hard to put fire on them, but a few shots kept their head down in time for us to close two strike squads on the objective.

In the end, we were able to liberate some of the POWs, but did not find the stolen weapons. This was a win for our forces, showing the Algoryn that we will not stand by idle while our people are imprisoned in harsh conditions.


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